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AZ West Builders and Communication's RF and Tower Division can take your upcoming construction project to the next level, especially when it comes to turn key tower erection. Our team can provide a comprehensive tower construction proposal for any tower project, large or small. We can work with your tower steel supplier or acquire a tower for you to provide the one-stop shopping experience you've been looking for.

At AZ West Builders and Communication, we have the tower construction equipment to meet your needs. Our team can:

  • Provide FAA lighting service, with emergency service available
  • Replace, sweep, and troubleshoot antennas
  • Maintain your lines
  • Schedule routine site inspections
  • Perform plumb and tensioning of guyed towers
  • Offer tower painting services

We are also a Flash Technology Certified Service Provider.

To learn more about how AZ West Builders and Communication can help you, call 480-988-3630 today.